By Adrian Vogt

CRM Managed Services Micro-Projects – Explained In Less Than 500 Words


Keeping your business innovating during and after disruption is not always the easiest thing to do – especially if funds and resources are tight.

In response to this, we created our CRM Managed Services micro-project offering to allow businesses to deliver smaller pieces of innovation that continue to add business value and growth.

We know continuing digital transformations will prepare businesses for a post-pandemic world, but what you might not know is what exactly is a micro-project. We know you’re short on time, so we’ve explained it in less than 500 words.

What is a CRM Managed Services micro-project?

In the simplest terms, it’s any enhancements within your Managed Services offering that isn’t classified as “support”.

In the past, Managed Service providers were brought on board to offer technical support, such as break fixes and assisting in stabilising the org. But as a company’s Salesforce org matures, this “support” service becomes less of a need. And while this sounds like the moment a company would reduce their Managed Services contract hours, this is actually where the true value of Managed Services kicks in.

Less time spent on support means more scope for enhancements and the flexibility to work towards a strategic goal that supports the business.

CRM Managed Services micro-projects are more than support

Like all technologies, your Salesforce org can’t remain static and only serviced when something breaks – it needs to be continually enhanced. Companies working with our Managed Services team have become more strategic and considered in their utilisation of their Salesforce org because the Managed Services team understands their business inside out.

For example, when Salesforce releases their seasonal updates, Managed Services can deep-dive into the release notes and advise how they specifically apply to your organisation. The last thing you want is your business to fall short on getting the most out of your Salesforce platform because you don’t have the technical expertise to understand the release notes.

CRM Managed Services micro-projects help you create fast digital solutions

When a government department wanted to react faster with their messaging during COVID-19, they turned to our Managed Services team for a digital solution.

With our micro-project offering and deep knowledge of the customer, we leveraged their content on their website and developed a go-live digital solution in a week. We were also able to keep approval processes in place by building it into the content management system, resulting in a nominated authority approving and publishing website content and comments in real-time.

CRM Managed Service micro-projects help you utilise your contract hours

Companies need support hours to keep their Salesforce instances running as efficiently as possible, but when there are no tickets being created, those hours can potentially go to waste.

Embarking on a micro-project allows you to utilise those hours and focus on enhancements that have been identified through a health check. And if you have already reached those hours you can easily request a change of contract or purchase additional hours.

Other benefits of CRM Managed Services

In addition to the above, Managed Services and micro-projects also offer:

#1 Full visibility of cases through a dashboard that allows businesses to respond and update their system in real-time.

#2 A health check of your Salesforce org that looks at the code coverage to identify appropriate enhancements.

#3 A road map for enhancements required for your organisation each month.

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