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Case Studies

Discover how we’ve partnered with our customers to deliver value throughout their digital transformation journey.

University of Sydney

Our key priority was to build a system that gives a complete picture of a student and their needs so we can address them in an integrated and holistic way. This is what Wellbeing CRM has provided.”

Dr Benjamin Wilkes

University of Sydney


“What the team has been able to achieve in 12 weeks has been amazing. Simplus really listened to us, understood our business and won our trust. If they said something needed to be done, we knew that it needed to be done.”


Technology Delivery Manager


“We really felt confident that Simplus understood what we were trying to do and would continue to understand and ask questions. The process was very clear.”


Manager, Seniors Card & Business Services at Office for Ageing Well


“What differentiated Simplus Australia was they have consultants who could actually understand us. We are Salesforce novices, so we needed a group of people who could take us on that journey, to help us mature. They wanted a long-term partnership with us. That was exactly what we needed.”

Alex Au

Head of Web and Applications


“We partnered with Simplus Australia to implement an aggressive transformation program to deliver the streamlined systems, customer journey roadmap and data foundations vital to fulfilling our masterplan for a revitalised residential and events destination.”


Head of Digital and IT

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