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Today’s students are more connected and moving faster than ever.

Their expectations have changed. They’re used to Nexflix, Uber, and Amazon that provide hyper-personalised experiences at the touch of a button on their mobile devices. So every time students engage with your institution, they demand outstanding experiences. If you can’t deliver them, then performance, satisfaction, and retention will suffer.

We understand higher education and make it easier for an institution of any size to become a connected campus and drive stronger 1-to-1 engagement with students and corporate partners.

One platform to support your institution
Salesforce CRM enables institutions to drive student success across the lifecycle from prospect to alumni.
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Recruiting & Admissions

  • Attract the right students and engage them in the channels they are using such as social media.
  • Simplify the application and admissions process.
  • Provide a 360-degree view of the student so you can help them in more meaningful ways.
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Student Success

  • Identify at-risk students.
  • Create communities – connecting students with associations.
  • Help associations manage themselves.
  • Help your staff to help your students.
  • Make it easy to navigate the system and know where to go for answers.
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Alumni & Corporate Relations

  • Keep in touch with alumni.
  • Manage donations.
  • Build strong ties with the business community.
  • Encourage lifelong learning engagement.

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Connected higher learning

With changing business needs within Australia’s higher education sector, technology will play an important role to chart the way forward. How does this vital sector navigate the terrain ahead? Find out the future of higher education through the eyes of digital transformation at University Technology Sydney (UTS).

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Connected higher learning

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University of Technology Sydney

Using a centralised data-led strategy for Corporate Relations, UTS changed the way they work with strategic partners and strengthened their partner network across the university.

digital transformation in schools


The Connected Campus​

This White Paper explores the key learnings to transform your institution and improve the student experience from recruitment to retention and beyond.

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The Student Journey

Find out how Salesforce is transforming the Student Journey and driving student success across the entire life cycle from prospect to alum.


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