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If your Salesforce platform needs some TLC, it needs the LPO Method

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So you’ve invested in a Salesforce solution, you’re ready to reap the benefits but you’re worried you’re not getting the most out of it in terms of ROI. We have a solution. It’s called LPO, and it’s a simple way to help you hit the ground running in 2021.

It’s one thing to sign up for Salesforce, it’s another to make sure an implementation runs smoothly. If you’re experiencing teething problems – users are resistant, process issues are causing inefficiencies, there’s no consistent training program – you’re not alone. Many businesses stumble when it comes to digital implementations.

To help organisations identify exactly what the problems are, how to overcome them and the priority in which they should be tackled, Simplus Advisory Services has developed The LPO Method 

The LPO Method is about optimising your system for success by taking a step back and aligning your business strategy with your tech strategy. It’s a simple way to align people, processes and technology from a period of low or unsuccessful user adoption. It will also help you realign expectations and outcomes and improve the quality of your data and reports following implementation of the Salesforce solution.

LPO stands for Listen, Prioritise, Optimise. Let’s break that down:

  • Listen: This is where we establish what is and isn’t working both from an executive and user level, where there’s a disconnect, what your organisational goals are, and what works for your specific organisation (no cookie-cutter approach!).
  • Prioritise: We establish what needs to change immediately, what are ‘quick wins’ (i.e. goals you can achieve within three months), what’s the long-term change you want to see, what success metrics and measures can be locked in, and what the future roadmap looks like.
  • Optimise: Armed with everything we learn from listening and prioritising, we can recommend areas for business process improvement which may include; how you can gain efficiencies through automation and build a Centre of Excellence, customise a training plan, implement blended learning, and improve the UX/UI experience. These recommendations are all dependent on your organisation’s unique needs.

Step 1: Complete the easy-to-use scorecard

First step to enhancing your Salesforce Org is to complete a handy ‘scorecard’. It’s an easy tool that’s all about finding a solution to the pain. The scorecard asks users a set of questions around the pillars of people, process and technology that will help you identify if you have a problem and guide you on your journey to optimisation. 

Step 2: Quickly identify enhancements with LPO

The next step is LPO. LPO isn’t big, blue-sky thinking and an expensive, long-winded process towards a recommendation. It’s a straightforward six-day workshop, spread over two weeks, designed to give organisations a list of priorities and actions they can take to get the most out of their Salesforce instance.

The first three days of the workshop deal with end users – finding out what their pain points are. For example, are they having problems with data, is the data quality consistent, are your employees happy, has there been great adoption, are there areas where you could get better productivity, are your teams able to do their day-to-day? It then looks at prioritising those pain points and identifying any barriers to adoption.

The next three days take place with decision makers within the business. This part of the workshop will help you to align the Salesforce solution with your strategic roadmap. It will also look at how decision makers can put the right success metrics in place. Conversely, if your implementation is going well, the workshop can help you find even more ways to enhance your outcomes.

At the completion of the workshop, Simplus Advisory Services will have the information it needs to come back with a list of recommendations in prioritised order, i.e. what can be done in the next three, six and 12 months.

It’s actually a lot of fun and you get a solution quickly!

Step 3: Trust Simplus Advisory Services to get you where you want to be

Down the track, when you have a clear picture and a plan for the future, Simplus Advisory Services can help by reviewing your progress to make sure you continue to head in the right direction.

Want to know more about how LPO can help you easily identify and overcome challenges or enhance your experience even more?

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