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Change is a challenge in any industry. We put people at the centre of your digital transformation.

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user-adoption to your business

What is effective change management?

In business, like in life, many people are wary of change. When people are comfortable with technologies, structures and processes, adapting to new ways of working can be difficult.

Effective change management guides employees to embrace business change and accelerates user adoption with a formalised methodology. By focusing on people and outcomes, we help you manage change effectively to deliver a successful implementation project.


Why change management matters

From determining stakeholder readiness to defining the impact of making changes to ensuring end-user adoption, effective change management involves everyone in the business. Which is why you need to invest in your employees’ understanding and training of any new organisational initiative.

Our Change Management Services focuses on bringing these elements together to ensure employees are confidently using your new technology from go-live date and you’re seeing ROI as quickly as possible.

We’re focused on effective outcomes and your people

Our change management team is driven to implement a culture that thrives on change. We develop an organisational and communications strategy that leverages the strengths of your employees and stakeholders to support their needs collectively. No business is the same, which is why we take the time to understand your culture, goals and challenges.

Whether you’re new to change management or need specific Salesforce expertise, our team analyses your organisational environment to develop the right strategy for you

a group of employees talking to change management consultants

Change management that lasts

We know for change management to be effective, it needs to be incorporated into the post-go-live cycle of a project. Our team thinks about the next 12 months and offers front-to-back training, success measures, reinforcement strategies, communication strategies and more to drive user adoption.

Why Partner with Simplus?​

We believe all these areas need to be touched on for employees to embrace change confidently. We know change is different for every business, which is why our change management team works closely with you to scale our services depending on your business size and culture.

  • Change readiness and the voice of your end-user
  • Executive coaching on transformation and change within your business
  • Establishment and management of change agent networks
  • Change communications and communications strategy
  • Instructional design and curriculum development
  • Cross-region and global training delivery in a variety of formats
  • Accelerated end-user adoption
  • Adoption metrics and success criteria management
a change management infographic to signify change management strategy

Why Change Management Is A Waste Of Time (Not)

Managing change isn’t hard; you just send a few emails, right? We have to contain a chuckle every time we hear this. Take a read of some of the common change management myths we’re busting in our new infographic.


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