By Dimity Dixon

6 Ways Salesforce CPQ Improves the Customer Experience

6 Ways Salesforce CPQ Improves The Customer Experience

When you get the B2B customer experience right, you not only make the customer happy but your bottom line happy, too. How? Salesforce CPQ.

Even in the digital era, many organisations struggle to produce accurate, complete and optimised pricing. Their outdated quoting and ordering systems rely on manual entry, resulting in quoting and pricing inefficiencies and underwhelming customer experiences.

According to Gartner, 81% of companies expect to compete mostly or completely on the basis of customer experience. Modern B2B customers will no longer wait days or weeks for a quote, and they definitely won’t be impressed if that delayed quote is inaccurate. Bad customer experience is almost guaranteed to send customers your competitors’ way.

So how does Salesforce CPQ, which is ultimately a sales tool, help keep your customers happy and deliver exceptional customer experiences? Read on to find out.

CPQ produces faster results

With all the selling benefits the internet provides, it also brings with it an even fiercer competition. Businesses need to be able to make strategic pricing decisions at lightning speed to keep up with customer expectations. And with Salesforce CPQ you can. It’s designed to generate quotes in seconds – even complex ones – so you can respond to changing marketing conditions in real-time without delay. Fast results mean happy customers.

CPQ technology is accurate

Salesforce CPQ is not only speedy in delivery—it’ s accurate as well. Human error will become a thing of the past as the configure-price-quote technology automatically generates optimised, error-free pricing – even when it involves complex discounting, subscriptions, pre-negotiated contract terms… you name it!

The cloud-based platform also allows for a single, centralised system of record to support all your sales channels. Just imagine having every pricing quote, every request to approve a quote ever sent to a customer in one place. Not only is this information centralised, but the CPQ system ensures consistency. And even if you intentionally use a distributed pricing strategy across your sales channels, you’ll still benefit from managing all these pricing databases from a single, unified platform.

CPQ automates your approval process

Thanks to a thing called artificial intelligence (you may have heard of it?), Salesforce CPQ can approve special pricing requests automatically. By setting rules that prevent unintended approval, your sales team can grant special pricing requests, such as discounts, while in the moment of closing a deal. No time is wasted going back to the office seeking approval, and the customer has an answer on the spot.

CPQ can personalise the customer experience

Salesforce CPQ allows personalisation to go beyond communications. For example, with dynamic pricing – an optional feature in Salesforce CPQ – items are automatically and optimally tailored based on sales trends for specific customers. Meaning your customers receive pricing offers that actually appeal to them, as well as a great customer experience. And your business benefits too. Think increased deal sizes, fewer barriers to closing deals, and the highest possible profit margins.

CPQ is all about cross-selling and up-selling

Salesforce CPQ will become your personal trusted sales advisor by using artificial intelligence to automatically generate cross-sell and upsell suggestions. No need for your sales teams to do their own research. CPQ relies on copious sales data and contextual intelligence to drive cross-sell and upsell strategies that can help sales teams achieve success. Just another AI feature saving sales reps time so they can concentrate on deepening customer relationships.

CPQ embraces omnichannel sales strategies

There’s no denying customers are more demanding than ever; 40% of them won’t do business with a company if they can’t use their preferred channels. You need a true omnichannel sales strategy that is channel-agnostic and responsive to changes in your customer’s device usage habits and preferences. The only way to achieve this omnichannel responsiveness is with a fully scalable solution like Salesforce CPQ. CPQ is just as effective at managing traditional contact centre sales as it is field sales, direct and indirect partner sales, and sales originating from IoT (Internet of Things) devices and social selling.

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