Manufacturers have an opportunity to revive Australia’s manufacturing industry. But to do this they must become more customer-centric. How? Through digital transformation. By creating a 360-degree view of the customer it ensures that every interaction your customer has is consistent and seamless—from before, during, and after the sale.

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Preparing for the future of work

You want to build a customer-centric business model that is integrated and driven by data and automation – but have no idea where to start.

Support for your Salesforce org

You have vast amounts of data but you’re not leveraging it to become a data-driven organisation. 

Front and back house interaction

You need a common integrated platform to manage customers, value chain partners and front and back house interactions.

User adoption

With one of the oldest industry workforces, you need guidance to support your employees as they adapt to new technology.

Implementing my Salesforce solution

You want help implementing your Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, or Manufacturing Cloud so you can deliver consistent journeys, experiences and workflows.


Adapt & Thrive Sales in Manufacturing & Distribution

Featuring advice from Salesforce and Simplus customer Mitsubishi electric, this mini ebook covers the fundamental benefits of Salesforce CPQ, helping manufacturing customers to succeed in bringing new technologies to their end-to-end operations and thrive in the new normal.

Case study/Ebook

Adopt & Thrive Sales in Manufacturing & Distribution

Deep Dives


State of Industrial Sales & Marketing

In the latest research report exploring industrial sales and marketing approaches in Australia, 205 respondents share their insights on successful strategies and tactics to improve forecasting, sales effectiveness, customer experience and ROI.​


More than a CRM: How Salesforce drives agility, relevance and profitability for manufacturers

Find out how Salesforce can help you manage your end-to-end operations more efficiently with built in data analytics, AI and IoT capabilities for improved forecasting, sales effectiveness, customer experience and ROI.


Manufacturing Revival: Is a new Industry 4.0 era of Australian manufacturing upon us?

To help us look into the future state of Australia’s manufacturing industry, David Chuter, CEO and Manager of the Innovative Manufacturing CRC will reveal how manufactures enabled by digital technologies and an uptake of Industry 4.0 are innovating and securing future success.

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