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Taking Campuses Into The Cloud Australia

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Success Through Personalisation

People are more likely to do business with an organisation when the experience is personalised.

According to a recent study by the international data-marketing firm, Epsilon, “80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase when brands offer personalised experiences.”

The demand for personalised experience rings even more accurate when targeting younger demographics, who have grown up in an age where everything from their music and entertainment streaming services, to their shopping and travel experiences, has been personalised to their tastes and previous usage.

Not all organisations are capable of offering this degree of personalisation, as it requires immense amounts of user data, large teams to process this data, and a great deal of time to be able to act on any findings from the data.

However, with vast arrays of user data at their fingertips, universities are uniquely placed to not only better personalise the experience of every student – but to drive success across the entire lifecycle for each student.

You just need the right tool to do so.

Salesforce And The Student Life Cycle

A digital transformation with the right Salesforce solution can equip your university with the tools needed for every stage of the student journey.

Before they’ve even applied to study at your institution, Salesforce Marketing Cloud can help you to better target, market to and recruit students. After implementation, your institution can begin to collect that essential data which will help you craft a more personalised experience down the line.

Then, once a student has started studying at your university, the Salesforce platform can give you a 360-degree, single view of every constituent connected to your institution – both student and faculty alike; whilst integrating seamlessly with your existing core systems. This can help to track each student’s progress, and even help at-risk students get back on track before it’s too late.

It’s not purely about results, however, as a Salesforce Higher Education CRM can also help universities to create more connected communities by allowing students to communicate with their peers and professors, linking students with relevant associations, and equipping student associations with the technology they need to manage themselves.

Eventually, once every student has graduated, the data you have collected will help to build enduring alumni relationships through continued contact and further personalisation; hopefully helping to boost fundraising drives and build better corporate relationships.

How Sqware Peg Can Help

As Australia’s premier Salesforce supplier, Sqware Peg has led several successful implementations of Salesforce on Australian campuses, and our clients are already reaping the results.

Our recent work with three of Australia’s top universities; the University of Technology Sydney, Monash University in Victoria and Laureate International Universities; has helped these institutions become more relevant to their students and corporate partners and help drive long-term growth.

To find out how Sqware Peg can help you manage your interactions with students, and how a Salesforce Platform can help your institution unlock data for use in marketing, communications, analytics, apps and student success; and use that data to create meaningful connections that keep students as active members of your community; just click here.

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