By Dan Bognar

How DocuSign can help you up revenue without risk

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How RevOps and DocuSign can speed up growth – while cutting down on risk

As businesses look to accelerate revenue growth, leaders are discovering that a faster approach doesn’t always have to be a riskier approach. In a webinar hosted by Simplus, Dan Bognar, DocuSign’s Asia-Pacific and Japan regional lead, shared examples of companies that are adapting to a digital-first world with RevOps.

Revenue Operations, or RevOps, is a business operations approach that streamlines people, processes and systems as they relate to revenue. Its aim is to provide a smoother, faster and more seamless journey for revenue generation as it flows throughout a business. 

Dan’s view is that there is much to gain by removing employee friction from this landscape and automating tasks wherever possible. They can then redeploy their efforts into more high-value areas for the business which generates additional revenue.

Analyse and streamline your processes and systems

A frictionless customer experience is only possible when the right employees are partnered with the right systems and optimised business processes.

During the first stage of the global pandemic, Dan says that DocuSign saw businesses rush to simply digitise their existing processes in an attempt to keep business going. However, he pointed out that many of those processes weren’t fundamentally redesigned, they were just digitised. Now he believes we’re in a second stage where businesses can take a moment to step back, analyse and rethink how to streamline their business processes, remove friction, and drive a better experience.

This stage is an opportunity for businesses to reduce significant risk, while still gaining a speed advantage. By applying RevOps methods, businesses can identify the priority processes that will have the biggest impact if streamlined. 

The approach also applies modular design to reduce doubling up on effort across similar processes. Automating checks and balances and removing any unnecessary human handling mean that businesses can create a much smoother and faster flow for revenue. 

Results from DocuSign customers are a testament to this. 

Faster by design for DocuSign customers

Canva is an online graphic design platform that lets customers design anything and publish from anywhere. Headquartered in Australia, the global company has more than 2,000 employees and operates in 190 countries and 100 languages. Canva relies heavily on DocuSign and Salesforce to provide their solution to enterprise customers in a flexible and agile way. 

Every agreement is generated with a high level of automation combining DocuSign technology with the rich customer information stored in Salesforce. This gives their sales team back valuable time to focus on higher value tasks, which helps to increase the business further. 

Salesforce also leverages DocuSign globally to manage its entire contract and revenue processes. Contracts that previously could take two days to turn around, are now mostly happening within the hour. More than 85 percent of Salesforce’s agreements with customers are now no-touch, which saves more than 10,000 hours of time across the sales team each year.

By adopting a RevOps mindset, both Canva and Salesforce are helping to remove the barriers and lower the time it takes to generate revenue across their businesses. With transparent checks and balances built throughout the system, the risks are managed as they go, and revenues can be more accurately reported in real-time.  

Without an engaged team, great technology is average at best

While a business might choose to invest in technology to help support revenue generation, it should not be considered a stand-alone solution. Great technology platforms also need an engaged and capable team to effectively grow opportunities for revenue. 

According to Salesforce global sales lead, Tiffani Bova, the fastest way to get customers to love your brand, is to first get your employees to love their job. Tiffani led a joint research team with Forbes that found brands with strong employee engagement, and good customer experience, can experience 1.8 times better growth rates on average. 

Dan agrees there is a strong link between customer experience and employee engagement in delivering that experience. At DocuSign, they engage employees by leveraging DocuSign solutions internally, such as completing revenue split forms, approving and signing procurement invoices, as well as employee relocation approvals. The approach helps employees be more knowledgeable and engaged with customer interactions as they are also regular users of the system too.  

With RevOps acting as a focal point to align strategies together across people, processes and systems, there are significant opportunities for businesses that get the mix right. With the right people and the right tools engaging with each other around revenue at the right time, businesses can be primed for growth. 

Watch the full conversation on demand, or find out how Simplus can help you build a RevOps approach and achieve better revenue growth.

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