By Curtis Williams

Webinar: Supercharge Sales in Manufacturing and Distribution

Supercharge Sales in Manufacturing and Distribution

Kyle Hanangarne, Executive Vice President, Professional Services, Simplus and Steve Beards, RVP Emerging Technologies, APAC, Salesforce discuss how the manufacturing industry in Australia is leveraging technology to optimise business like never before. Click here to Register

Modern manufacturing businesses are shifting from product-focused organisations to customer-centric companies. However, large product catalogs, pricing and quoting rules, and other requirements make it hard for sales reps to quickly send an accurate proposal to a customer and close a deal. And that’s especially true if you don’t have the right technology.

This webinar explores how to free up your sales reps time, so they can get back to doing what they do best – building customer relationships.

Learn how to simplify the quoting process, including:

  • Automating the approvals process
  • Reducing inaccuracies in quoting that mean lost revenue or unsatisfied customers
  • Growing your revenue through automating renewals, and product bundling
  • Generating instant quotes while out on the road

You will also:

  • Hear from one of our very own manufacturing customer trailblazers, Chris McDonald, Director of Business Systems, St-Gobain on how they transformed their sales process and now close deals faster with Salesforce CPQ.
  • See live demo showcasing how CPQ simplifies the entire quote-to-cash cycle

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