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Salesforce Winter Release: Top 5 new capabilities + 1 action you need to take

Salesforce’s Winter Release includes new capabilities, workflow simplification and more. Our Salesforce Managed Services team – the experts who administer and develop your Salesforce instances every day – are here to give us the low-down on the five greatest new capabilities and one action you need to take now.

Eliminates the need for Salesforce administrators to manually check each sandbox instance to determine if it is a preview or non-preview sandbox. 

It’s a small change with a big payoff.

Find out more in the release notes.

There’s no longer any need to write short Invocable Apex code (which also requires a test class) just to query records where the criteria values are stored in a list variable.

Using the ‘in’ and ‘not in’ operators instead saves time and reduces complexity in Lightning Flows.

Find out more in the release notes.

Introduced in Summer ’22 as a standard lightning page component, the Dynamic Related List can show only records of your choice – without the need to create additional custom ‘related’ lists. 

With Winter ’23, the list can now accommodate multiple values in picklist field filters.

Find out more in the release notes.

You can no longer create new workflow rules as they are being retired, but for the moment you can still edit, deactivate or activate any existing workflow rules. 

If you have development work in the pipeline with workflow rules as part of the technical solution, or if workflow rules are part of your fire-fighting strategy, you’ll need to scrap them. 

Find out more in the release notes.

Any dev who’s attempted to edit Lightning Web Components and found their Visual Studio Code won’t activate the Salesforce Extension Pack will be delighted to meet Salesforce Code Builder. 

With Salesforce Code Builder, your complete IDE will be in the cloud. IntelliSense also works beautifully and fast, and there’s no need to install Salesforce CLI on developers’ local machines.

Find out more in the release notes.

MFA will be forcibly enabled starting Winter ’23 for anyone logging in directly (not those using SSO). Salesforce customers need to prepare this, otherwise users may have problems logging in.

Find out more in the release notes.

To chat with a Simplus team member about how the Salesforce Winter release will impact on your team or the opportunities it provides for your operations, contact the Salesforce Managed Services team.

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