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Salesforce Summer Release ‘23 — 5 new tools (and a bonus) you won’t want to miss

Salesforce’s Summer Release is here, and with it comes a wide range of improvements, updates, and new features to the whole Salesforce suite of products. 

The Summer Release promises to help Salesforce customers save time, work more efficiently, and bring personalisation to even more customers.

The update contains hundreds of improvements to the various Salesforce Clouds. Below, we’ve highlighted five of the updates that will make your Salesforce CRM easier to use, plus one quality-of-life improvement that we’ve all been waiting for. 

1. Fine tune your focus with more dashboard filters 

Viewing a dashboard loaded with data can be overwhelming and make finding the information you want like looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack. Previously, admins could add up to three filters. But now they can up to five, which really helps home in on the records they want to see.

Plus, you don’t have to clone dashboards for different teams and business units. Instead, you can reuse the same dashboard for all your teams while preserving existing filters already in place for each team. 

This change applies to Lightning Experience in Unlimited Edition.

2. Enhance your visualisations with images, rich text, and dashboard widgets

Bring dashboard charts, metrics, KPIs and tables to life with rich text, images and widgets. You can add company logos and branding, flow diagrams, embedded images, and even animated GIFs to make the way you report your data more compelling. Your data tells important stories – make them more vivid with enhanced visualisations.

3. Take the dynamic forms experience mobile (beta) 

Previously only available on desktop, Dynamic Forms now allows mobile users to add and remove fields individually from a Lightning record page, divide record details into multiple sections, and set up conditional visibility rules all in Lightning App Builder.

4. Boost productivity with mass quick actions on related lists (beta)

Instead of having to press the action button over and over again, admins can now action multiple records simultaneously. Add quick actions directly on related lists or select up to 100 records and action them all in one time-saving hit. 

This change applies to Lightning Experience in Group, Essentials, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions.

5. Empower sales reps with the revenue intelligence command centre

The Command Centre is just what it sounds like – a critical hub of easy-to-access information that lets you know if you’re on track to meet your quotas. Sales reps can view: 

  • Stuck opportunities
  • Overdue activities
  • Step progression
  • Amount changes

Sales reps have more control and visibility over their records and a powerful visual representation of the status of those records. 

This change applies to Revenue Intelligence in Sales Cloud in Lightning Experience in Enterprise and Unlimited editions for an additional cost.

Bonus feature — goodbye page refresh

Synchronise component data without a page refresh using RefreshView API. This means users can update data and make it immediately visible without having to refresh the whole page and risk losing other changes. 

RefreshView API can refresh data for Salesforce platform containers and custom LWC and Aura components. However, the base Lightning Aura components don’t currently support the RefreshView API.

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