By Adrian Vogt

CRM Managed Services: The Unsung Hero Of Digital Transformation


As organisations start to scale and stabilise during the pandemic, many are turning towards CRM Managed Services to help them fill skill gaps, support their customer needs and grow.

Recently Adrian Vogt, Simplus Customer Success Director, and Bob Alicante, our Manager of Managed Services in Australia, took part in our Simplus Sessions discussion at Salesforce Live: ANZ about the advantages of having a team of experts on call whenever you need them. Here are some of the highlights.

Adrian Vogt on filling the skills gap and freeing time for strategy

From the earliest days of commercial computing, businesses have needed to keep ahead of technology trends but being a digital leader can be costly.

New technology can be expensive to maintain, and sometimes requires talent that is limited, in demand and comes with a high price tag. Because businesses don’t have unlimited funds, more companies are adopting CRM Managed Services as a critical mechanism to remain competitive.

Being aware of market trends and adapting to them is key to increasing performance but it’s not the only thing that can help organisations grow. If you’re lacking CRM knowledge, CRM Managed Services can be used as a stop-gap measure to help you whilst you build your centre of excellence and become self-sufficient.

According to the Deloitte Access Economics ACS Australia’s Digital Pulse 2019 Report, 79% of IT leaders say that acquiring more tech talent is harder than ever, particularly in Australia where the talent pool is quite limited. With CRM Managed Services it means you can get the right skills at a time that you need them; whether that’s BAU technical support or 40 hours of help to clear a backlog of work.

CRM Managed Services takes pressure off internal resources by overseeing simpler tasks, freeing individuals to concentrate on high-value activities. For example, one small business had their CEO as their Salesforce administrator. Obviously, that wasn’t a great use of his time. By using Managed Services, the CEO’s time was freed up to focus on strategy.

But it’s when the organisation is stabilised from a support perspective, that the true value of CRM Managed Services kicks in. Less time spent on support means more scope for enhancements and the flexibility to innovate. And even when funds and resources are tight, CRM Managed Services can keep your business innovating through micro-projects. No matter where you are in your digital transformation journey, CRM Managed Services micro-project offering can continue to add business value and growth.

Bob Alicante on changing markets and the benefits of digital transformation

Our Simplus customer base was once largely limited to financial services and high tech, but the market is changing. Now we have experienced expansion into new industries, like retail and government. We also have healthcare and not-for-profit clients.

No matter the industries, there is a shared common desire to move away from Excel spreadsheets and onto a more established platform, like Salesforce.

Recently, Managed Services was called in to convert one of Sydney’s largest retailer’s loyalty tool into Lightning web components – a scalable and easy-to-maintain solution that made the organisation’s old-school tech tools redundant.

CRM Managed Services isn’t about taking over in-house admin; it’s about augmenting and collaborating with them. CRM Managed Services is used to help organisations overcome pain points and increase their skill set. And depending on the business scenarios, it may be reports, dashboards, and we can even teach them the coding best practice if they have internal admins who are aspiring developers.

CRM Managed Services can also help streamline business processes by obtaining a deep understanding of a customer’s architecture and providing recommendations for optimisation. For example, we do consolidation of figures, we improve code coverage, and at the same time we provide long-term solutions as opposed to just firefighting activities.

My team and I recently helped a client in the health sector with their Lighting migration. We did this with not a single defect raised and zero impact on their business process, and the best thing is the user experience from Classic to Lightning was seamless.

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