By Adrian Vogt

Why Continuing Digital Transformation Will Prepare You for a Post-Pandemic World

Preparing for a post pandemic world

If you think about the innovations supporting companies during this current time – technology has been our lifeline. So why would you postpone your company’s digital projects?

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to impact the bottom line of businesses, it’s not surprising that new digital transformation projects are one of the first cost-saving initiatives companies take. Well to be specific, it’s step number two in the cost-saving playbook, according to Forrester.

At a time when the world feels like it’s changing forever, cutting technology projects and digital innovation seems like a safe and sensible choice. But what happens when life and business operations return to normal, or as close to normal? With 80% of revenue growth expected to depend on digital offerings and operations by 2022, cutting or halting digital innovations now sounds counterintuitive.

If your business is considering postponing their digital transformation projects, or you’re concerned about your Salesforce instance during this uncertain time, I would like to share some reasons why you should continue to invest in business transformation now for future business success.

It comes down to two things: stability and scalability.

At Simplus, we want to ensure your digital solutions are stable during this pandemic, so when it’s over, your business will be in the best position to scale. We don’t just want you to “keep your lights on” while this crisis is happening – we want you to continue innovating and growing your business.

Which is why we’re hosting a webinar on April 30, where I’ll be joined by Kyle Hanagarne, National Sales Director at Simplus and Evlynn Hayes, Manager – Seniors Card and Business Services at the Office of Ageing Well South Australia, to talk about how you can stabilise and scale operations in this new world.

Here are three key points I’m most excited to share during the webinar so you can prepare for a post-pandemic world.

How to stabilise your existing Salesforce instance

We’re operating in a time where almost every industry is relying on technology to keep operations going. Which means an increased demand on your IT team and system administrators.

One of the main concerns businesses have right now is around their Salesforce investment, and how they can support their internal employees and retain their expertise. In this webinar I will be discussing how you can support your admins and IT teams so they don’t feel overwhelmed and that they’re receiving the right expertise and assistance to react quickly and effectively.

How micro-projects will keep your business innovating

We understand that in this environment, investing in a large digital transformation project isn’t at the top of the to-do list for businesses. But as I mentioned before, now is not the time to put a halt on digital transformation or technology projects. And according to experts and CIOs, to reduce IT spending, is potentially putting your business at more risk – not decreasing it.

During the webinar we will be talking about micro-projects and how you can keep working on small micro elements of a project you already had planned. By delivering smaller pieces of innovation now, you’re continuing to add value to your business and investing in your long term future.

How CRM managed services can enhance your Salesforce system when you need it most

Since the coronavirus pandemic, our client Evlynn Hayes at the Office for Ageing Well SA has received an influx of queries and applications around their Seniors Card program.

Evlynn will be sharing her story on how she is leveraging Salesforce to communicate with the country’s most vulnerable and how her relationship with the Simplus CRM managed services team allows her to quickly react to changes in customer demand.

We’re here to offer advice during this time of disruption. For all the details on the webinar on April 30 visit our Simplus Session’s registration page.

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