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What do omnichannel experiences look like for retail customers?

What do omnichannel experiences look like for retail customers?

See retail customer experience from your customers’ perspective – join ‘Jane’ for an omnichannel retail walkthrough, from awareness right through to loyalty and advocacy.

Retailers have probably heard a fair bit of omnichannel experiences by now, but what do they actually mean for customers? This animated infographic will provide an example of omnichannel experience and what it’s like from a customer perspective.

In past articles, we’ve looked at what ‘omnichannel’ means and why it’s so crucial for building customer loyalty and succeeding in the new retail environment. More than ever, it’s not enough for retailers to offer digital channels or conveniences – your CRM and other systems need to be able to stitch together different channels so that customers can interact with you seamlessly, whenever and wherever they choose. 

We’ll be exploring all the front-end and back-end elements of omnichannel retail experiences in the near future but, since customer-centricity is the name of the game, we think it’s important to plot out the sort of customer journeys and experiences that your CRM instance should be enabling. 

Take a look at what a truly omnichannel retail experience might look like for today’s retail customer.

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