Banking Breakfast Series

Strategic Insights: GenAI’s Impact on Banking in Australia

Discover how banks across Australia and New Zealand are harnessing AI to enhance customer experiences, drive efficiencies and improve operations.
Thursday 16 MAY | Salesforce Tower, SYDNEY


Strategic Insights: GenAI's Impact on Banking in Australia


Salesforce Tower, 180 George St, Sydney NSW 2000


Thursday, 16 May 2024


8:30 AM - 10.00AM

The banking sector is embracing Generative AI wholeheartedly. 79% of banks in ANZ report being beyond the infancy stage, with 19% already at an advanced adoption level.

GenAI is set to play a pivotal role in addressing critical bank priorities over the next five years. Whether it’s enhancing customer experiences, navigating Open Banking, exploring cryptocurrency, promoting sustainable finance, or fortifying cyber defences, Generative AI is the linchpin.

Join us for an insightful Speaker Session and Panel Discussion that delves into the latest survey data and critical success factors for enterprise-wide deployment of Generative AI in banking.

Hear firsthand accounts from industry leaders who have already harnessed Generative AI and what the emerging trends for deploying Generative AI effectively are.

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Robert Colborne

Data & AI Solutions Director

Asset 30
Robert is a seasoned professional in the field of marketing technology and is passionate about leveraging data-driven insights to enhance marketing strategies and drive business growth. Robert has researched and written extensively on the unification of various disconnected data sources, providing insights into the challenges and opportunities presented by the vast array of options available in the digital age.

Craig Harris

Associate Vice President, Senior Manager, AI and Automation Practice

Asset 28

Craig has a rich background in AI and automation, with significant experience across various banking institutions and technology companies globally. From leading efficiency and productivity improvements at Australia Post to implementing automation processes within various banks, at Infosys Craig is instrumental in steering the company’s AI and operations initiatives.

Manzur Ali

Senior Director - Head APAC

As an attentive listener and leader, Manzur’s expertise spans across various business functions, including Social Services Procurement, HR, Payroll, and Customer Service. He has guided numerous clients from Financial Services, Insurance, and Public Sector industries, to realise significant business value from transformation programs that leverage Automation and AI.