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My first 30 days as a Sqware Pegger – The Culture Mix

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Anyone can sell you anything in an interview – but does the shimmer and shine of the initial meeting stand up to the cold light of day?

On joining Sqware Peg as their Employee Experience Director I wasn’t sure what I was going to find once the new job smell wore off! Could I strike gold twice in my career and find another opportunity where the culture was positive, healthy, innovative and fun? I needed to find out.

During my first 30 days I planned to do a lot of things

In fact the #1 thing on my list was that I planned to have 30 #randomcoffees. My plan was to find out about the culture one flat white at a time.

Each and every Sqware Pegger is cut from the same values cloth. They live by them and the believe in them. But I thought let’s put this to the test! At the annual conference (and my day 6 at team Sqware Peg) I asked everyone in company to list what the Sqware Peg values are and what they meant to them.

What do #sqwarepegger value?

The answers were phenomenal – they were all themed the same.

  • Sqware Peggers pride themselves on their ability to take their clients on a journey where they implement technology that is at the cutting edge and that makes their customers business’s work smoothly and efficiently.
  • Our team are technical subject matter experts who embrace technical innovations.
  • Widespread love for learning and they love that Sqware Peg embrace them growing and getting more skilled. It’s not just about getting badges and being certified, they love being encouraged to giving back to community through ‘Lunch and Learns’ and ‘Meetups’.
  • There is a deep understanding of the value and importance of how to be true partners with customers and with each other; how to identify the clients true pain points and how to help them find the best technical solutions.
  • They are all, without exception are committed to the Sqware Peg team; be it using their EQ and compassion to understand how a colleague is feeling, celebrating their peers’ successes, sharing their knowledge, arranging fun team events, participating in weekly #familyfeastfridays, or even just being considerate in the office and helping unload the dishwasher!
  • So now I know, that there were no illusions, no smoke or mirrors. The company I joined is authentic. I have joined an amazing new team environment where we are committed and motivated to drive Sqware Peg onto even better and more.

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