By Reid Meldrum

An open letter to my colleagues – thank you

Simplus company party

Let’s be honest, whether you were leading through change or working through change, 2020 has been tough.

When I went to write this article I initially had planned to share my lessons from leading through the crisis. To talk about the importance of open communication, transparency and being genuine. But when I started to put a metaphorical pen to paper, I realised this article shouldn’t be about that topic but focused on just simply thanking our great and talented team.

So, dear Simplus Australia

Right now, I want to publicly recognise the success of our Simplus family and what we have learnt together.

Stewardship is one of our core values at Simplus, and it is the value that has really excelled during COVID. Everyone has supported and looked out for each other. And on top of dealing with change and lockdowns, have all done an incredible job in growing the business.

David Strangward, National Salesforce Practice Director, based in Melbourne, can vouch for this. He has seen people not only take on new challenges with innovative and complex projects, but also step up to the plate when Melbourne went into a 112-day lockdown – which David described as a “relentless Groundhog Day.”

But unlike Bill Murray’s character, it didn’t take David months to know how to enjoy “Groundhog Day.” From Day 1 David took keeping team spirits high in his stride. As the whole Melbourne team endured isolation while our Sydney based colleagues edged closer to normality, he supported them by keeping things fun and entertaining as everyone worked from home.

Which brings me to how well our team across Australia have transitioned to working from home. While we have always worked virtually with our colleagues in the USA, Philippines and India; like most companies this year, everyone moved to a remote working environment. During this time we have learnt that we are not only productive but enjoy the flexibility of working from home, while others look forward to returning to the office and catching up with colleagues in person. The point is, everyone’s situation is unique which is why we are committing to assisting the life juggle with increased flexibility.

Additionally, it’s been great to see our culture still thrive throughout COVID with the team still having fun and sharing a joke, albeit in a Zoom environment. Virtual events such as Trivia nights and a few UberEats / gift vouchers have been another way we’ve tried to say thanks to all our teams families who have been extremely supportive.

We have amazing talent here at Simplus, and together we shape our future through our thought leadership, determination and care for one another.
You are a resilient bunch. It is through challenges where people become more resilient and stronger together. The fact that you have taken it upon yourselves to see a job and make it happen is a testament to each of you – or as David says “it is built into our DNA.”

Thank you for continuing to treat each other like a family. Thank you for stepping up when needed. Bring on 2021!

All the best to you and your family over the holiday break.

Reid Meldrum

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