By Adrian Vogt

5 Ways To A Great Knowledge Transfer Experience


Would you buy a car and not take it for a professional service?

Then why would you manage your Salesforce Org without having a system expert look under the hood? Before you engage a CRM Managed Services provider, you want to ensure they have the right process, people and skills in place to not just keep your system running but to ensure its operating at its top speed. 

While many CRM Managed Services providers are system experts, they won’t be experts in your system unless they have a comprehensive onboarding process in place. And when a vendor hasn’t taken the time to understand your spark plugs from your filters, a system doesn’t run as expected. 

Before contracting a CRM Managed Services provider ask them about their onboarding process and how they intend to get to know your business and Salesforce org. And in the spirit of sharing, here are 5 ways we offer a great onboarding experience. Or as we like to call it a knowledge transfer experience.  

We see this as partnership not a contract 

We pride ourselves on our relationship building and working collaboratively with our clients.. 

A recent life science client was positively taken aback when we wanted to learn about their business and understand what they were trying to achieve and what their pain points in the system were. By getting all the right stakeholders in on the conversation we got the right insights to start immersing ourselves in their business. 

It’s an opportunity for us to prove our worth

The knowledge transfer process is an opportunity for us to increase the client’s confidence that we’re in a position to manage their Salesforce org. 

For example, when we first worked with a large retail client they were hesitant about our off-shore model. But through the integrity of the knowledge transfer process and engagement with our Manila team, we built their trust and earned their confidence to not only manage their Salesforce Org but they knew we would be reactive. 

You get to communicate with us

First rule of a knowledge transfer: we’re here to talk and listen to you. For us, a successful knowledge transfer isn’t just about information gathering and process setting, it’s about having a team that is visible and accessible when you need them. Establishing good communication habits should begin at very early stages of a partnership so there are no crossed wires down the track. 

You won’t get the cookie cutter treatment 

The saying ‘horses for courses’ can be perfectly applied to our knowledge transfer process. For some organisations our existing immersion is fine, but for others we like to take longer to flesh out issues and create a forward looking plan. While our knowledge transfer process is based on seven years of learning, we are constantly evolving and never hesitant to tailor the process to suit an organisation’s unique needs.

We always look for quick wins to get you up and running quickly

If done right, a successful knowledge transfer allows for a genuine and fruitful partnership between company and service provider. If it’s not, it can leave you with a six month headache and more.

As part of our recent knowledge transfer project for a government department, we came in and solved a problem that had been causing the department issues for months due to a poor implementation. What we pride ourselves on during this knowledge transfer phase is that we can identify where we can give you a quick win. In two and a half hours we solved the problem, gave them a POC and deployed it that night.   

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