By Alyssia Tennant

10 questions to ask a Salesforce implementation partner

Key Questions

Implementing or evolving a CRM solution is a major, organisation-wide undertaking that can help your customers enjoy frictionless, personalised experiences whenever they interact with your business.

It impacts a variety of teams, stakeholders and business objectives, with the unique nuances of your organisation impacting the work long after you go live. 

And your implementation partner is critical in all of this.

The right implementation partner can help you forge resilient systems that drive growth and keep your business evolving. The wrong partner might result in missed deadlines, ballooning costs or even needing to start over with an entirely new partner. 

So how can you ensure you’re partnering with the former and not the latter? It all starts with approaching tough questions head-on – the right implementation partner will be glad you’re doing your research and eager to dig into topics like credentials or process. 

Here are 10 of the most important questions to ask upfront. 

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